Friday, October 11, 2013

Amazon irritation

So I wanted to read the new book by one of my favorite authors, who shall remain nameless.

The book was "published" in September in the UK, but not until January in the US. gave me the option to get on the waiting list to get the Kindle version. told me it couldn't sell it to me because it wasn't "published" in my country until January.

So I downloaded the ebook off a random website for free.

Ask me if I feel bad.

Data is not real stuff.  It is incredibly stupid to try to treat it as if it was.

Obviously not okay

Above is a story that is obviously not okay.  Some lady uploaded pics of her kid playing with the family pet.  Another lady copied it and monetized it through Youtube.  Now there's a lawsuit.

I think any normal person would feel that this is not okay.

However, if they'd just copied it for fun?  Really, would you consider that wrong?