Monday, December 31, 2012

Assault weapons

I like guns.  I have more than one.

I dread the thought of ever having to use one.  That being said, I hope that if I need one I have one.

Needless to day, I am not an extremist.  I am in favor of doing something, rather than nothing, to reduce gun violence.

"Assualt weapons" are almost kinda a fictitious idea.  The actual capabilities of this:

are really quite similar to this:

However the first is an "assault rifle" and the second is a "hunting rifle".

That being said--is there really no difference?

As Steve Jobs taught us, design matters.  The hunting rifle can certainly be used to kill people.  But the first one is designed specifically to kill people.

I think when guns like that get into the hands of lunatics and fools it kinda sends a message that "you are not misusing this weapon if you kill a bunch of people with it, because that's what it's for."  Sure, you can take a hunting rifle and go do that, but all along you've got an awareness that you're "doing it wrong".

I'm not actually suggesting banning all these guns, but at least let's be honest about their purpose.  One of the chief themes of this blog is, in fact, honesty.  So I think we should be.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A gillion more reasons file sharing is good

To complete my Torrentfreak link-fest today, here is a very fine article about the benefits to society of file sharing.

We've talked about this here quite a bit, of course, but there were even some things I hadn't thought of.  For example, people in Saudi Arabia who don't have access to cinemas, can still get access to the global culture.  Surely this is a good thing.

They also talk about old ladies on fixed incomes who can't afford to purchase entertainment, and as a result are a little less lonely.  I think Tom Cruise can afford that, too.

Good stuff.

What are people torrenting for?

So I guess I've been dropping the ball a bit lately here over the holidays--something I swore I would never that's not good.

Anyway, catching up--Torrentfreak has a fun article about what people searched for in torrents in 2012.   Interesting read.

I promise to rant with more style over the next week.

Friday, December 28, 2012

UK now has fair use!

Apparently, the UK will for the first time introduce a fair use for copyright law.

You'll note that the content industry is not happy because they aren't being given free money in the bargain.

That's all you really need to know.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sigh, too many pussies

It looks like many sites are caving in to legal threats and not even talking about piracy.

Obviously, they don't have the courage of their convictions.

They had better not try that on me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amusing pirates

Happy Boxing Day!

I just did my Xmas day post, so here is just an amusing link to info on hypocritical pirates from the fabulous Torrentfreak.

Can you believe there is any hypocracy in the anti-piracy movement?  Insane, I know....

Bad bosses

I've been compiling a list of traits of the bad bosses I've had over the past few years.

I was lucky to work at a tiny company where everyone was competent and at least desired to do good work.  We didn't agree on everything, to say the least, but I grew naive thinking that was normal, there.

Since then I've had to do some painful growing up.  So here goes:

1. They never say "please".  I believe this is because deep down they are insecure about their position---they know they are not really leadership material, so they have to put on airs of "being in charge".  Fucking idiots.

2. They never listen to their subordinates, but only seek to please their peers and superiors.  I'm not saying you need to do everything your subordinates say--not hardly.  But a good leader does listen carefully to their subordinates, because that is the only way to understand what is going on.

3. They always have lots of meetings to go to.  Because that is a very easy way to look like you are doing something useful.  They think.

4. They never admit they don't know something about how to do their job.  Back to the insecurity thing, and also the not listening to subordinates thing.  What it really does is make them look like goddamn fools.

5. They never attempt to talk to you as if you are a human being.  Because they are not really leaders, they think they have to act high and mighty.

And this is what's wrong with the world today.  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Money makes the world go 'round

Everyone knows how MasterCard, Visa, etc. stopped accepting payments for Wikileaks. has now done so for a Pirate Bay friendly hosting company.

Anyone else find this disturbing?  Who needs the rule of law when you can cut off someone's money supply?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh God

Look--when you find yourself agreeing to cooperate with the Russians, you really need to consider rethinking your point of view.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Confidence and Faith

The difference between confidence and faith:

Meteorologists take many, many measurements and do a lot of mathematics to determine the chances of weather events happening. They then assign a number--a percentage chance--of those events happening based on the data they have about the past, and their own computations. The closer to "right now" they project, the better their projections, and hence the greater likelihood that their guesses are correct.

When Nate Silver of collated the results of hundreds and hundreds of national polls, his computation of the odds of one candidate or another winning elections approached 100% odds on the eve of the elections. Mind you, he did this for dozens and dozens of elections, not just the Presidency--and his "guesses" have been borne out by the results.

Mind you, it was never really 100%. I recall that he did actually put 100% on the Presidential election predictions on the night before the election, but we all know that was a joke. It was really just 99.999% or something like that. But Nate Silver understands that while there was still a 0.0001 percent chance he was wrong--if you go through life planning on 0.0001% chance events happening for you, you are going to be wrong a lot.

A lot of folks these days seem to be living in a world where they believe those 0.0001% chance things will happen, if they just *believe* it hard enough, or something, I don't know. Again, it can happen, but probably not. Like, seriously.

There is no data that I am aware of that would lead me to believe that the long string of crazy disgruntled assholes committing massacres in this country is going to end any time soon. If we change nothing, I think we can say with confidence that there is a 100% chance we will see more. This is not an article of faith--I only trust faith for one thing--my own belief that this whole big crazy world was not put here either randomly or with ill intent. I don't have any evidence for that, just my refusal to believe otherwise. Hence, that is faith, not confidence. My confidence in that statement is naturally challenged--but not broken--by horrible events like these.

I'm not advocating any particular course of action at this time. But I just want to suggest to my fellow gun nuts that it is not *necessarily* the case that tolerating the occasional massacre must be the horrible but necessary cost of our liberty. If there is something that can be done without infringing on sane, decent people's rights to protect themselves, their homes, and even our country, then I think we should do so.

Ultimately, it is necessary that we trust each other just enough to do that.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Europe rejects ACTA

ACTA is an international treaty in progress--signed by our President, but not yet ratified by Congress--designed as an end run around all national laws related to copyright protection.  It has been negotiated in secret, and is basically designed to force the U.S.A.'s current draconian-stupid system on the rest of the world.

Today the European Parliament rejected it (more or less).  This is a good thing, because the internet is global.

Seriously--without European cooperation, this whole construct is unsustainable.  Indeed, Hollywood needs to get every single country in the world on board with their agenda, or it will fail.  And this is why it is ultimately doomed to fail--which does not mean they aren't causing a lot of damage to people in the meantime.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

China tightens the Great Firewall, lessons for Hollywood

It's interesting that China is apparently using machine learning algorithms to detect and destroy VPN connections.  Soon they'll be doing this in America to detect pirates.

I wonder how long it will take the general populace to understand that China's attempts at internet censorship are exactly like what Hollywood is trying to do with major ISP's in the U.S.  That is, one group of powerful people doesn't like what you, the normal citizen is doing with your internet connection.

I'm sure the Chinese government can come up with some strong "moral" reasons why their citizens shouldn't say certain things on the internet, or view certain sites.

You may recall that I've advised people to use VPN's and other tools to avoid being detected pirating your ass off on the internet.  It should be understood that this will only be useful temporarily (I'd say ten-ish years) if the assault on our civil rights that Hollywood seems determined to engage in is allowed to continue.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

UK Pirate Party rolls over

This depressing news just in--the UK Pirate Party has rolled over without a fight and taken down their proxy to the Pirate Bay.


I would have sent them money--if they'd actually gotten sued.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Australian ISP iiNet tells Hollywood to fuck off

It was pleasant to read today about a major ISP in Australia telling the media industry to fuck off and refuse to spy on their users for them.

Admittedly, they didn't swear it off forever--they merely insisted that the media cartel offer their products at a reasonable price before they would help it police their customers.

Weird that companies like Comcast in the U.S.A. don't get that--of course, they are *also* the owners of NBC now, so they have a conflict of interest.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Peace is essential for our lifestyle

A lot of people harbor fantasies of violent revolution.

This is madness.

It has always been madness, but I can't deny it has sometimes been essential.

But you need to understand that our modern lifestyle--where almost no one grows their own food, for example--is completely dependent on a state of peace.

If you were to somehow be successful in starting your violent rebellion, be prepared to be hungry.

Very hungry.

I strongly advice you to organize politically and make your opinions felt at the ballot box.

And if you can't convince enough people to vote the way you want...perhaps you should examine your own selves.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Doing IT right is hard

Being very good at computer security is extremely difficult.  It is entirely hopeless for normal people to do it right--let alone most large organizations or governments.

Doing computer security and computer software well is, in fact, quite rare.  Most computer folks are not very good at it.  A small percentage are basically competent.  That leaves only the smallest number of people in the world who are really good at it.

You are most likely fucked at it, and should not try anything clever because you will likely fail.

That's it.  I've got nothing to offer!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I think the root cause of any mass shooting is unrestrained anger.  The anger builds up so much to the point that the person feels like it's worth his life just to let it have free reign, and above all, have the sensation of power and control.

And this is the problem--we all have anger.  Every one of us.  And in each of us it feels like this powerful, unique fount of power--but it's not.  Your fount of power is just one of ten billion, and the only way you can just put it round the way you want is if you're a horrible dictator like a Saddam or a Kim or Stalin, etc.  Most of us don't get that option, and it's really not a very good idea anyway.

Ultimately, that level of anger is always about the idea that I should not have to deal with this shit.  Which of course is nonsense.

Even more than gun control, perhaps anger counseling should become easier to come by.

Friday, December 14, 2012

When it's not so great to be a gun nut

Actually I'm not so much a gun nut...any more.  I still believe in the ability of people to defend themselves, and I even think it's very important.

Obviously, when some asshole goes and shoots up a school full of children it's not too decent to bring this up.

Personally, when I finally started buying guns (after an attempted holdup), I was ambivalent.  I had always thought guns were cool, but I didn't want them in my house because I didn't want anyone to get hurt.  After that incident I spoke of, it kinda tipped me over to the other side because I decided that as adults, we have a responsibility to protect ourselves.  It's one of the most basic responsibilities, along with feeding, clothing, and shelter.  And while I think it's fine that people want to help each other with these things, I think it is simply madness to remove that basic responsibility from the individual.

That being said, some people are not responsible, and cannot be trusted.  We often put those people into a special building where they cannot escape, where they are confined with others who have been found, through due process, also to be deficient in the qualities necessary for good functioning in society.

It would be great to find out ahead of time.  I'm not at all sure it's possible.

I know I spent a lot of time contemplating the possible negative consequences of my owning firearms--but I know for a fact that many who buy guns do not.
I would be on board with requiring some significant training in firearms before an adult can legally purchase them.  We do that for driving cars (slighly) for the exact same reason we should do it for guns.  If someone wants to seek out technology assisted power, we should make some attempt to ensure that they know what the fuck they are doing.  And if they are obviously flaky, the officer giving the test can stamp a bit X on their application.

I realize people can still buy guns illegally.  But that doesn't mean we should make it easy for assholes and crazy people to do so.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Copyright enforcement is protectionism

It occurred to me today that copyright enforcement is, quite literally, protectionism.

I really kinda feel like it would be a natural fit for Republicans to fight for copyright freedom.  I know it sounds insane looking at the current lot, but wouldn't it be swell if they did?  I think it would make a lot of people look at them twice.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DRM fails over and over the exact same way

I was amused today to read about Microsoft's new app store being ridiculously easy to hack.  Basically, if you get a trial version of an app, you can just edit a local config file and change "trial" to "full".

This is amusing on many levels.  First of all, you simply cannot secure the client side of a connection.  That is, if a person is in physical posession of the hardware (like your computer), it is ultimately impossible to keep them from doing what they want with it.  This is a simple, basic, long understood phenomenon of network programming.

So MS has failed to understand that, and also made it extremely easy to hack.

I have to think that the reason for this is inexperienced coders.

I'm 41.  I'm pretty old for a computer geek.  Older geeks tended to be electronics enthusiasts and the like when they were kids.  I was fortunate to get access to a TRS-80 computer when I was 10 years old, and there was no looking back.

I always assumed that the kids coming up behind me would all be great computer whizzes!  You laugh, and with justification.  Turns out that all kids are not interested in computers, and thus they are not all whizzes.

The second irony is that the kids that are interested, make the same mistakes that we all made.  Like trusting the client.  Like assuming their users are completely braindead and can't read a config file.  There is simply no way that a coder with any experience whatsoever would have ever made this mistake.

But companies don't like to pay experienced coders, because they have shit for brains.  They think computer programming is essentially magic.  They think that two programs--one written by a novice, one by a master, that look and feel the same on the screen are equivalent.

They are not.  Not even close.

From security to maintainability, the experienced programmer generates a vastly superior product.  You disocover this a few months/years down the line.

It's like evaluating a plumber when you are not a plumber.  It looks fine when he leaves.  But with a bad one, you have geysers of water in your kitchen a few weeks later.  That's how you can tell the difference.

So we are seeing this now.  Moral of the story: pay more for experience, it's worth it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Free online news on the way out? No.

This idiot thinks that free online news is on the way out.  No, it's not.

Have you met the internet?

What's weird is that most newspapers tried the same thing back in the 90's, with ignominious results.  But now they're going to try to charge again, because, this time, it's different.  After all, there is vastly more competition.

And people are used to getting it for free.

And there are tens of thousands of people who will jump in to do it for free.

Good luck with that.

These are the same people who just cannot understand that the internet has made some things so cheap they are nearly free, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Sell more advertising.  Whatever.  You're going to have to figure out how to make a living.  But this way won't work.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The fourth amendment doesn't cover domain names

It appears that Hollywood is more than happy to extort your domain from you as part of an agreement not to be sued.  This follows a year of the federal government seizing domains without due process as well.

It's the internet, and therefore not real stuff and okay to steal from you, except where it is inconvenient for the powerful in which case everything on the internet is just like real property.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The lead fight may be in Britain

It should be noted that in the UK they are actually trying to block websites--specifically the Pirate Bay--that promote copyright infringement.  This in the birthplace of parliamentary democracy.

It's interesting.  The only site they are blocking is the Pirate Bay.  Everyone knows they are faaaar from the only torrent site out there.  So it seems clear that this is their test case, to see what they can get away with--and what will work.

The British Pirate Party is hosting a proxy to the Pirate Bay, which is annoying Hollywood.  They have asked them politely several times to stop.  The Pirate Party, of course, told them impolitely to fuck off.  Currently in the UK, the court orders ordering the blocking of the Pirate Bay apply only to Internet Service Providers.  Which is dumb, of course, because anyone can be an ISP, which the Pirate Party is busy demonstrating.

So it'll be interesting to see how this plays out over there.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

What's better than being a U.S. Sentator?

Apparently, being the chief of a large lobbyist group is more compelling--and powerful--than being a United States Senator.

Mind you, the reason they want him is because he was one.  Just the same, however, it signifies that real power in this country has moved beyond the legitimately elected houses of the people.

Which is why corporations are running rampant with special person status, and why copyright maximalism is being shoved down our throats.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Republican fired for suggesting Copyright is too strong

You may recall only a few days ago a Republican think tank suggesting that perhaps Copyright is too strong.  Well, the guy who did that has now been fired.

So this tells us two things.  First, the entertainment industry really has Washington in its pocket.  And second, that neither major party disagrees with the copyright maximalist notion that the internet, and all public discourse, needs to be policed constantly for copyright violations.

In other words, neither party really gives a damn about free speech.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Apple doesn't want to control you

It is fairly appalling to me how many techs like Apple products.  Even though they tend to be highly locked down, and often less functional than the alternatives.

I tend to feel like they're not real geeks.

I understand that sometimes you want something that "just works".  I really do.  Used to be, I really enjoyed debugging issues with my technology.  These days I really do not.  Just the same, I would feel like a bitch using Apple products.

Do you not feel like a bitch?

(You look like one!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Conform to your EULAS

When you click through a EULA (End User License Agreement), do you actually read it?  Of course not.

How can it possibly mean anything when a non-lawyer agrees to legalese they are not qualified to even read?  How can any law be legitimate that is unintelligible by the governed?

I understand why legalese is the way it is.  But what difference does that make?

Monday, December 3, 2012

I win? Again?

The other day Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) reinstated it's bullshit copyright claim on the music I used in a video promoting my game.

You know...I really don't even like the music that much.  Sigh.

So I try to go to YouTube's copyright page, and I'm greeted with this fucking thing:

You can imagine my joy that I have to watch a kids video explaining copyright and answer questions about it to continue.  Nevertheless, I did--and to my annoyance:

1. The video didn't even answer some of the questions posed.

2. Once I completed it, it didn't even bring me to my copyright page.

They just wanted me to do that.

I love being manipulated.

But then I checked and I had an email that Sony had retracted its claim.  Again.

Sure is a great way to temporarily shut somebody up, by the way.  If you should ever want to do that.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Palestine and Israel

I just wanted to draw attention to this Guardian article about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It's a simple rule.  If you're reading an article about any current event issue, and it sounds like one side is the "good guys" and one side is the "bad guys", you are reading ill informed claptrap.

Books beginning with H

Another perspective post today.  A while back I posted a link to a torrent where you could download 4,687 ebooks in three minutes.  I just think it's important to repeat that over and over again until the idea of artificially restricting the flow of books to people seems like the stupid idea it is.

Today, a slightly weirder one.  A link to a torrent for 136 ebooks, all by authors whose last names start with H:

Strangely, I haven't yet been able to find the A-G and I-Z.  Anyway, here you go:

Hagar, Sammy -
Haldeman, Joe - The Forever
Hale, Benjamin - The Evolution of Bruno
Haley, Alex -
Halpern, Justin - Shit My Dad
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 01 - Guilty
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 02 - The Laughing
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 03 - Circus of the
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 04 - The Lunatic
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 05 - Bloody
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 06 - The Killing
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 07 - Burnt
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 08 - Blue
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 09 - Obsidian
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 10 - Narcissus in
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 11 - Cerulean
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 12 - Incubus
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 13 -
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 14 - Danse
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 15 - The
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 16 - Blood
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 17 - Skin
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 18 -
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Anita Blake 19 -
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Meredith Gentry 01 - A Kiss of
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Meredith Gentry 02 - A Caress of
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Meredith Gentry 03 - Seduced by
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Meredith Gentry 04 - A Stroke of
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Meredith Gentry 05 - Mistral's
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Meredith Gentry 06 - A Lick of
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Meredith Gentry 07 - Swallowing
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Meredith Gentry 08 - Divine
Hammett, Dashiell - The Maltese
Handler, Chelsea - Are You There, Vodka. It's Me,
Handler, Chelsea - Chelsea Chelsea Bang
Handler, Chelsea - Lies That Chelsea Handler Told
Handler, Chelsea - My Horizontal Life, A Collection of One Night
Harding, Paul -
Hardy, Thomas - Tess of the D'
Harkness, Deborah - A Discovery of
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 01 - Dead Until
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 02 - Living Dead in
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 03 - Club
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 04 - Dead to the
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 05 - Dead as a
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 06 - Definitely
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 07 - All Together
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 08 - From Dead to
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 09 - Dead and
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 10 - Dead in the
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse 11 - Dead
Harris, Robert -
Harris, Sam - The Moral
Harris, Thomas - Hannibal 01 - Red
Harris, Thomas - Hannibal 02 - The Silence of the
Harris, Thomas - Hannibal 03 -
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 01 - Dead Witch
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 02 - The Good, The Bad, and the
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 03 - Every Which Way But
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 04 - A Fistful of
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 05 - For a Few Demons
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 06 - The Outlaw Demon
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 07 - White Witch Black
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 08 - Black Magic
Harrison, Kim - Rachel Morgan 09 - Pale
Hawking, Stephen - A Brief History of
Hawking, Stephen - The Grand
Hawthorne, Nathaniel - The Scarlet
Hazlitt, Henry - Economics in One
Heather, Peter - The Fall of the Roman
Hedges, Chris - Death of the Liberal
Hedges, Chris - The World As It
Heilemann, John - Game
Heinlein, Robert. A - The Moon Is a Harsh
Heller, Joseph -
Hemingway, Ernest - A Farewell to
Hemingway, Ernest - A Moveable
Hemingway, Ernest - For Whom the Bell
Hemingway, Ernest - The Old Man and the
Hemingway, Ernest - The Sun Also
Herbert, Frank - Dune 01 -
Herbert, Frank - Dune 02 - Dune
Herbert, Frank - Dune 03 - Children of
Herbert, Frank - Dune 04 - God Emperor of
Herbert, Frank - Dune 05 - Heretics of
Herbert, Frank - Dune 06 - Chapterhouse
Hesse, Hermann -
Hiaasen, Carl - Basket
Hiaasen, Carl - Double
Hiaasen, Carl - Sick
Hiaasen, Carl - Skinny
Hiaasen, Carl - Stormy
Hiaasen, Carl - Tourist
Hill, Joe - Heart-Shaped
Hill, Joe -
Hillenbrand, Laura - Unbroken, A World War II Story of
Hinton, S.E. - The
Hitchens, Christopher - God is Not
Hitchens, Christopher -
Hitchens, Christopher - The Portable
Hobb, Robin - Rain Wilds Chronicles 01 - Dragon
Hobb, Robin - Rain Wilds Chronicles 02 - Dragon
Hobb, Robin - The Farseer Trilogy 01 - Assassin's
Hobb, Robin - The Farseer Trilogy 02 - Royal
Hobb, Robin - The Farseer Trilogy 03 - Assassin's
Hobb, Robin - The Liveship Traders 01 - Ship of
Hobb, Robin - The Liveship Traders 02 - Mad
Hobb, Robin - The Liveship Traders 03 - Ship of
Hobb, Robin - The Tawny Man 01 - Fool's
Hobb, Robin - The Tawny Man 02 - Golden
Hobb, Robin - The Tawny Man 03 - Fool's
Homer - The
Homer - The
Hornby, Nick - About a
Hornby, Nick - Fever
Hornby, Nick - High
Hosseini, Khaled - A Thousand Splendid
Hosseini, Khaled - The Kite
Huffington, Arianna - Third World
Hugo, Victor - Les
Hugo, Victor - The Hunchback of Notre
Hunter, Stephen - Bob Lee Swagger 01 - Point Of
Hurston, Zora Neale - Their Eyes Were Watching
Huston, Charlie - Henry Thompson 01 - Caught
Huston, Charlie - Henry Thompson 02 - Six Bad
Huston, Charlie - Henry Thompson 03 - A Dangerous
Huston, Charlie - Joe Pitt 01 - Already
Huston, Charlie - Joe Pitt 02 - No
Huston, Charlie - Joe Pitt 03 - Half the Blood of
Huston, Charlie - Joe Pitt 04 - Every Last
Huston, Charlie - Joe Pitt 05 - My Dead
Huston, Charlie -
Huston, Charlie - The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of
Huston, Charlie - The Shotgun
Huxley, Aldous - Brave New
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan - Infidel.prc