Monday, December 3, 2012

I win? Again?

The other day Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) reinstated it's bullshit copyright claim on the music I used in a video promoting my game.

You know...I really don't even like the music that much.  Sigh.

So I try to go to YouTube's copyright page, and I'm greeted with this fucking thing:

You can imagine my joy that I have to watch a kids video explaining copyright and answer questions about it to continue.  Nevertheless, I did--and to my annoyance:

1. The video didn't even answer some of the questions posed.

2. Once I completed it, it didn't even bring me to my copyright page.

They just wanted me to do that.

I love being manipulated.

But then I checked and I had an email that Sony had retracted its claim.  Again.

Sure is a great way to temporarily shut somebody up, by the way.  If you should ever want to do that.

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