Wednesday, March 20, 2013

hacking is good

It's official, America is technically fucked.

Check out this post on Slashdot:

A researcher did a massive internet scan for default password devices, and actually had the nerve to use them.

Used to be, he would be a hax0r hero.  But look at the slavish posts on Slashdot.  "That's illegal!"  "That's unethical!"  "You're SO going to jail!".

Nobody is talking about the technical implications.  To quote user houghi:

"Postings all go about how this is illegal and not about the technical situation.

It is sad times when people are more worried about the legal thread and ruining their lives and not about the technical implications.

How many people do not dare to bring solutions because they might be punished?"

Indeed.  It's funny.  I'm old enough to remember when it was otherwise.  And I remember seeing the media slowly becoming internet-aware and getting it so wrong....but they persist in being wrong.  And the government persists in being wrong.  And over the years, a younger generation has come up thinking this nonsense is sane and normal.

And we've emasculated them.  They're a bunch of technical pussies and we are fucked.

With that kind of attitude, you can't learn anything. Hey you know what?  When you stick a default-password device on the open net, you're not getting hacked if someone logs in. You fucking invited them to.

Oh my God I assure really is possible to be too nice.

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