Monday, November 18, 2013

The big downside of the "cloud"

The "cloud" is essentially "someone else's computer".  Basically, the positive is that you don't have to install or maintain software or data.  The negative is that all your stuff is on someone else's computer.

When you embed a YouTube link into a facebook post or a web page, you are relying on the cloud (someone else's computer).  It is very convenient for you, and also for censors.

Readers of this blog will recall my special love for Sony, for repeatedly getting my videos on YouTube taken down for supposedly infringing on their copyright--for the use of music I had licensed the same way I had.  Well, recently this effect has been seen with the "Breaking Bad Alternate Ending" video going the rounds.  Here are some examples of this great video embedded in web pages using the cloud:

Boy what fun that is!  The internet is such a useful tool!  And frankly Sony is just stepping on their own damn stupid foot, as the takedown is almost certainly automated.

All to deny people a look at a cool little spoof video that would probably enhance their sales.  Stupid fucking motherfuckers.

Copy shit, don't link.

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