Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Louis C.K. fails miserably

The comedian Lous C.K. recently made a million dollars by simply selling downloads of his routine via his own website.  No publisher, no distributor, and he didn't play any stupid games like requiring you to use a special piece of software to watch the show in order to keep you from copying it.  You have to admit, it's pretty odd for someone to actually accept reality that way, that there is no way to stop copying of media.

Apparently, however, at least one media representative is still determined to impose his own cognitive dissonance on the rest of the world by denying that this counts as Louis C.K. actually managing to "monetize" his work this way.

It's pretty obvious that in this guy's mind, if you don't go through an established distribution channel, why, you just aren't selling your material.  I guess you're just, I dunno, mentally masturbating a million dollars into existence.  But certainly not "monetizing".

I think the take away from this is this is another example of how this conflict is not really a battle between artists and pirates, but between the distribution channels and the rest of the world.  It is not artists who are trying to bribe Orwellian censorship laws into existence, but organizations that claim to "represent" them.

And so it is interesting to see what it takes to become a "Worldwide VP of Content Protection and Outreach"--the ability to believe that war is peace.

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