Friday, April 20, 2012

Under Construction (but not by me)


This outstanding page is famous among geeks for its tongue in cheek skewering of internet newbies seeking to reassure visitors to their Awesome New Web Sites that yes, one day, there will be stuff there.  So Check Back Soon!

The only problem is that the creator of this site is an evil pirate who must be destroyed.  Do you think they made all those gif's?  Hell no, they even say at the top:

"This small collection was saved from the rapidly dying Geocities"

Aha! So you *admit* that you culled each of these lovingly copyrighted images from an obsolete and soon to be destroyed website in order to preserve them for posterity and personal amusement!  You vile thief.

So anyway.  Should be protected speech, is all I'm saying.  Easily more worthwhile than this.

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