Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Linking is evil, apparently

So this is actually quite interesting.  The chief lawyer for Rapidshare, a file hosting site, suggests that the federal government should crack down on link sites, and not the file lockers themselves.

We have talked about linking before.  I think I made the case for linking not being illegal pretty well.  Because it would be completely insane.

Here's the deal.  Rapidshare provides a site where you can upload files, and you or other people can download them.  One thing they do not provide is a search engine.

So this function is fulfilled by link sites, which provides links to files on file sharing sites.

The fact remains, however, that sites like Rapidshare get a lot of business hosting copyrighted files, and not providing a search engine is just a fig leaf...a very small one with very big balls bouncing around behind there...to cover this fact.

I think Mr. Rapidshare needs to hire a better lawyer who will not cut off his nose to spite his face.  If the link sites go, so does most of their business I'll wager, and besides that means destroying the internet.

Because if you can't even point at something that is disapproved of, we might as well get out the torches and pitchforks.

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