Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hopefully our ISP's are dragging their feet

The much ballyhooe'd U.S. system for ISP's to lose all their customers in support of the MPAA has been slowed down a bit in implementation, for hand waving reasons.  I like to think that the likes of Comcast and Time Warner have only been pretending to play along with the "content industry" and their attempts to control the internet.

They must and will be stopped, but I'm hopeful these businesses, to whom we pay money for our internet access, realize which side their bread is buttered on.  Of course, this is confused by things like the Comcast/NBC merger, but we can stay optimistic (it doesn't cost anything to be optimistic).

In any case, it is this "copyright information center" which will be deciding whether or not what you are doing online is acceptable.  If they don't like what is coming from your IP address, they will get your ISP to voluntarily (somehow) send you warning letters.  And after six of these, your ISP may take vague actions to annoy you, including stopping your service (and billing  you).

God knows why they've even talked to these people.  When a business has problems taking money in, that's what I call the Panda Mating Complex.  PMC is so named because of the famous difficulty in getting Panda's to mate in captivity.

This is not exactly a survival characteristic.

So here's to hoping our Internet Service Providers can manager to remember who pays their bills, and in the process do the right thing by ignoring the ravings of these copyright lunatics.

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