Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's debunk

The entity which will shortly be monitoring your internet use for acceptable behavior is  If they decide that you are sharing data they claim the rights to, they will get your internet service provider to send you a nasty letter.  And after some number of nasty letters, you may lose your service.

Mind you, ultimately this means they don't like what you're "saying" on the internet, because you're repeating what they said.

That's what copying is, and copying is a fundamental part of human nature--monkey see monkey do.  It's how we learn, and it is generally a good thing.

In any case, let's just do a little unemotional (sociopathic?) analysis on some of their claims.  From their front page (copied without permission):

"Content Theft Costs America:
More than 373,000 Jobs
Some $16 Billion in Lost Wages
$2.6 Billion in Lost Taxes"

Never mind that there's no way they can back this up, but let's stipulate it as true and look at the upside:

$16 billion is not spent on entertainment, but people saved their money and fed their own families instead.
$2.6 billion less for the government to spend on pointless wars.
373,000 jobs?  That must be why there are no movies or TV shows to watch any more.

Glad we could sort that out.

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