Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pirate the Avengers

Torrentfreak has an interesting analysis of the effect of movie piracy on the new Avengers movie.  Their conclusion, unsurprisingly, is that it has minimal effect.

In case you want to be skeptical, it is still worth noting that the movie is raking in  hundreds of millions of dollars its opening weekend.

None of this is here nor there when discussing the ethics or morality of piracy, of course.  Well, maybe the ethics.  After all, I'm constantly hearing people bemoaning the imminent death of the movie industry because of piracy.  But it is still doing very well.  All I mean to say is that if it is unethical to pirate because it hurts the producers, shouldn't we be seeing a real world effect?  And I don't mean the nonsensical drivel that the MPAA utters about it, losing billions and all.  The  historical trend I linked to above should show that that is impossible.

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