Thursday, May 17, 2012

the MPAA is the enemy of the people

The hardest argument in favor of piracy is surely the movies.  There is probably little question that it can cost movie makers money.  I don't think there can be any serious doubt that it in no way resembles the ridiculous claims of the industry, but I'm willing to concede a greater than zero number, personally.

I don't think that is any kind of excuse, however, ultimately, as the freedom of the internet is much more important than any particular group of people making money.  I am also completely confident that the movie industry will find ways to cope, as every other industry has done.

Hell, I went and saw the Avengers this weekend (and no, I didn't sneak into the movie theater).  I wanted to get the big screen experience, and also I'd heard that it actually had decent writing, which made it more worth the money in my eyes.   I really don't understand why Hollywood spends $150 million on a feature, but skimps on the writing so much (John Carter).  But whatever.

The point is that it takes a lot to get me to give them money these days.  I always feel a little guilty about it, because I know that they are using my money to try to censor the internet.  And that's one of the interesting things about any moral position right now--it is inherently good to pirate movies, because you're not helping to fund the destruction of the human race's intellectual potential.

I hate giving them my money, because I hate them.  They are the classic mindless evil--they have no conception of the true nature of what it is they want to wreak, and how it would ultimately even be used against them, if they were to succeed.

Can anyone think that an industrial censorship regime won't effect absolutely everybody?

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