Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good Old Kim Dotcom

This story represents a strange new twist--the RIAA managed to get the FBI to get the country of New Zealand to raid the house and servers of Kim Dotcom, owner of the ultra popular Megaupload site---and they are failing in court dramatically.  That doesn't often happen.

Never mind how happy I am that the FB freaking I is going to such lengths to protect me from copyright infringement.  Trust me, I have no beef with federal law enforcement in general.  It's just appalling that the politics of the situation are such that they are even involved.

Megaupload was a unique file sharing site in that many major hip hop artists called it home.  Interestingly, they were about to launch a new service to promote artists without the assistance of the RIAA record labels just before they got raided.  What an amazing coincidence.

It is also a huge example of copyright infringing material being uploaded by users, but making money for the site.  More and more I'm thinking this is something that must be tolerated, one way or another.

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