Monday, June 4, 2012

What does "inevitable" mean?

News from down under from a spokesman for AFACT, the Australian arm of the MPAA which is almost amusing.  It seems that Australians are not content to wait 5 days for the next Game of Thrones episode to show in Australia, so they pirate it.  Some choice quotes from the article:

" According to Gane, AFACT stakeholders thought it unreasonable that pirates were unwilling to wait for the show to be aired in Australia."

"Neil Gane, managing director for the film industry group, argued that piracy was inevitable and needed to be addressed by changes in legislation."

And in case you thought that was a typo:

"The policy justification for legislative action is overwhelming."

So piracy is inevitable, and therefore we must make new laws...of some kind.  No specifics are offered.  But someone needs to do something about this inevitable thing, because we think it's "unreasonable" for our customers to get exactly what they want: Game of Thrones as soon as possible.


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