Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guilty until proven innocent in the UK..for 20 quid

The UK has adopted an actual governmental three strikes policy for copyright infringement, resulting in losing your internet access.

The UN has declared internet access a human right.

But the really funny thing is that it will cost you 20 pounds to try to prove your innocence, or you will lose that human right.

The UK might as well go back to having kings and queens!  Oh wait...

But let's run over how this works:

1. A media company accuses your IP address of pirating their stuff.

2. If somebody at your IP address does it three times, you lose your internet access.

So you've put in place a censorship regime where one private individual can kick another off the internet with no due process--in return for protecting entertainments.

If fair use was expanded to include all non-commercial copying, there would be no reason for this censorship regime.

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