Friday, October 19, 2012

One way street--Verizon brags about spying on your internet usage

At a recent conference apparently Verizon bragged about how they are spying on your smartphone internet usage.

I mention this on this page because it is another example of how digital rights are a one way street, these days.  You can't use copyrighted material for the slightest thing, and you can't have any privacy in your internet usage--not to mention the government is probably spying on you as well.

As always, this is a good time to mention the Tor software for anonymizing your internet use.  In particular, I'd like to draw your attention to a version of Tor especially for mobile phones called Orbot.  I tried it out yesterday and it's very good--I wish they would get the desktop versions this easy to use.  The performance lag wasn't even too bad (although you should expect some performance lag until Tor becomes much more popular--it shares some characteristics with Bittorrent, in that the more people that use it the better it works).

Needless to say, you'll need to "root" your phone to use it.  Either you control your phone/computer, or it controls you!

Stay tuned tommorrow for an extra special post about my first DMCA request.

I'm so happy!

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