Sunday, July 1, 2012

As of today your ISP is now a spy for Hollywood

Today marks the beginning of the six strikes plan for all the large U.S. Internet Service Providers (ISP's).  From now on, if Hollywood complains about something your IP address is doing, they will send you a nastygram.  And if you get six of them, they may throttle or drop your service.

God knows why.  It's a much bigger disaster than most probably realize.

What, my friend?  You say you don't use Bittorrent or pirate movies or TV shows?  Why of course, nothing bad will happen to you, right?  Because these guys never make mistakes, and can be trusted to regulate who should and should not be on the internet.

I intend, for example, the next time I have to talk to my ISP, Comcast, to vent my extreme unhappiness at their participation.

And every time I talk to them after that, as well, forever.

And this is also precisely why we need to expand fair use to cover all non-commercial copying--to stop these random people from kicking people off the internet.

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