Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monetizing bittorrent for artists

It's probably worth mentioning attempts to find a new business model utilizing the free distribution of media.

So much of the debate over piracy--and thus fair use--is about business models.  Artists seem to feel that the world owes them a business model.  Artists, of course, are not known for their practicality.  Or common sense.  Anyway.

One of the things that puzzles me, however, is how any artist can argue with their work getting worldwide exposure for free, which is what bittorrent does.

In any case, in the linked article it talks about one artist offering "exclusive content" only via bittorrent!  I find this subtly amusing, as typically "exclusive content" offered via other avenues quickly finds its way to bittorrent, thus becoming significantly less exclusive.

But how do you pirate the data from bittorrent?  Har dee har har!

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