Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's shut down the internet

You know, it just hasn't worked out.

The internet seemed like such a great idea.  "Let's create a giant mechanism for the rapid transfer of information!"  And indeed, it seemed so cool for a while.

But it is clear now that there is no future for creative work if we keep it up.  There is simply no way for artists, musicians, writers, and movie makers to make a living doing that work as long as people are free to steal their work willy nilly over the internet.

And I, for one, do not want to do without movies, books, or music.

So let's shut it down.  Sure, I'll miss email and twitter and Facebook (not!) and god knows I'll miss Google+ more than anything.  But we can get by.

It's obvious to any competent technical person that there is literally no way to stop file sharing on the internet, whose entire purpose is sharing files.  So it's time to call it a failed experiment and call the whole thing off.

So I've started a petition:

Please sign it and pass it on to your friends/enemies.  This may be the most important initiative of our time.

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  1. Musicians don't make the majority of their money via album sales. The profit from that typically finds its way into the RIAA's pocket.

    This is why musicians tour, because thats where they make their money. From ticket sales at their shows.

    Now lets talk about the MPAA. First off, a dipshit like Tom Cruise shouldn't have millions. I find it personally insulting that I work every day on something complex, and that nut sack gets to drive around on his brand new Ducati because of movie sales. So, who gives a shit if we can't pay Tom Cruise a million dollars a scene? We sure as hell can afford 100k/yr for the next guy in line auditioning for the part.