Sunday, July 8, 2012

What will be necessary to win the copyright fight

Another new hero of mine is refusing to take down their proxy to the Pirate Bay.

Repress, in the Netherlands is software which lets anyone running a WordPress blog to set up a web proxy.  The proxy works for people in China who want to see blocked sites, and also people in the Netherlands who want to go to TPB, which a judge there has ordered blocked.  Quite clever, really.

So, TPB is blocked because it points to copyrighted material, and now BREIN, the Dutch arm of the MPAA, wants Repress taken down, because it allows other people to point to TPB which points to copyrighted material.

Is it really so hard to understand that this is madness? (not to mention deeply and profoundly asinine).

This is why copyright needs to be loosened, not strengthened. The only decent solution to this mess is the expansion of fair use rights to cover all non-commercial use.

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