Monday, July 23, 2012

Terrorizing internet users in New Zealand

There is a lot of nonsense talk about "cyberterrorism" these days.  I'm not saying it's impossible.  I'm just saying that Nigerian Prince scams aren't exactly terrifying.

But if there is such a thing, they've got it in New Zealand now, where they've implemented a "three strikes" law for copyright infringement.  Some results are in.

Interestingly, their own wing of the MPAA is claiming:

"NZ FACT claimed New Zealanders illegally viewed movies in the top 200 online 110,000 times in August last year — the month before the new law took effect — but only 50,000 times in September."

Now...I find this...interesting.  They claim to know how many people "viewed" pirated movies.

Obviously, they have groundbreaking, patent pending, living room spying technology at their disposal.

I'm not just being a smartass--semantics is really, really important when discussing information technology.  And this is obviously nonsense.

More likely, they have detected far less piracy.

Or, they have effectively terrorized the population of New Zealand into pirating less.

Which is better?  Which is worse?

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