Friday, July 13, 2012

Is there such a thing as a bad lawyer?

I was pleased to see this blog post on Ray Beckerman's blog (a very excellent blog to follow if you are interested in this subect) about actual sanctions being placed on a lawyer who likes to go around using the legal system to extort money from people for copyright violations.

Mind you, the sanctions have nothing to do with that, per se, but on this guy violating a lower court's order.  But it's a start.  Too bad he'll keep his license, though.

One of the greatest annoyances to me about this whole situation is how the legal profession in the United States does not seem to have any actual code of ethics, or consequences for bad actions on their members.  Compare this to the lawyers of Pakistan who regularly put their lives on the line protesting for the rule of law.

Completely different thing, isn't it?  Lawyers I talk to like to drone on about the rule of law, but it seems to me that in this country they have completely forgotten what the rule of law is for.

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