Monday, September 3, 2012

Bruce Willis

This one is just too easy.  Bruce Willis suing Apple for the right to pass on his iTunes songs to his children once he dies.

If you ever paid a lot of money for a strings of bytes, first, you are an idiot.   Second, ha ha!

Apple claims that you simply purchase a license for the songs, which is different from buying a CD, where you own a piece of plastic.

What you should be thinking now is "what exactly do I own when I buy music?"

It's nice to see Bruce making this a high profile issue.  Regular people need to start trying to answer these questions for the market to work correctly.  Free markets demand an informed consumer, and I'm here to tell you that most folks have zero comprehension of the implications of a marketplace for digital "goods".

Ha.  "Goods".  Nice try.

 I'd be happy to pay for a good service to help me access entertainment data.  But I never voluntarily pay for bytes.  Bytes are "goods" the same way chicken have teeth.

By the way, these are all stupid questions--this data should be freely shareable by anyone for non-commercial purposes.

It's the only decent thing to do.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Bruce.

    He doesn't realize that when you Die, Hard goods are most easily transferable.