Friday, September 7, 2012

Scaring over a million people

Apparently in France it is reasonable to threaten over a million people and tell them their internet use is unacceptable.

And it's coming to the good old U.S.A. soon if our Internet Service Providers really are completely stupid.

Comcast, are you listening?

I don't think we are as passive as the French.

From the article:

"Less than 10% of these account holders went on to receive a second warning and just 0.34% of those went on to the third strike phase. In what is being framed as a victory by Hadopi, just 0.0012% of those who received a first strike have been referred to the courts."

So first of all, yes, we are taking their word for it.  But assuming it's true, I'm sure quite a lot of the time someone's parents got pretty mad about getting this letter in the mail!  I feel sorry for all those French kids having to resort to the second best method of piracy.

The great irony, of course, is they consider this a great success--that they've driven people to use less easily detectable forms of piracy.

They really do have shit for brains.  Man, seriously.

As for everyone else, I'm sure they think like I do--the first time I get one, I'm using a VPN for everything for the rest of my life, because my ISP can't be trusted with my surfing habits.

That, of course, would be after I changed ISP's.  Not going to tolerate this for a second.

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