Saturday, September 29, 2012

Torrenting tips


And I'd been doing so well.  It seems like I go through these creative peaks and troughs.  Still, I've let myself and my legions of loyal readers down, so I'll post twice today, even if they're kinda trivial.

So first I'll merely turn your attention to this terrible article on bittorrenting tips.  These are not bittorrenting tips, they are a recipe for death.

Well, that's a bit strong.  They won't get you killed, but if you think a "boss mode" will keep you from getting caught torrenting at work, think again.  Your network admins will not be fooled for an instant.  Bittorrent traffic is very easily discernable by a competent network administrator.

Happily, it has been my experience that competent network administrators are pretty rare.  Still, spying on your traffic is much easier that doing the real work of a network admin.

Torrenting at work is an incredibly stupid thing to do.  But if you must, use the tips and knowledge I imparted here.

I'm a little dissappointed in Torrentfreak for passing on such bad information.  The other info in the article is fine, if pointless.

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