Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shouldn't this be more interesting?

I'd really meant to try to make this blog more exciting.  I'll admit, since I committed to blogging on the subject of expanding fair use to encompass all non-commercial sharing, it has sometimes been a challenge, but I think it's important.

The subject is actually exciting.  Think of all those twisted, cocaine addicted Hollywood lawyers filing random financial shakedowns on mysterious IP addresses of the internet, snug in their BMW's with a Russian hooker half way on their seat and an ivy league diploma in their pockets, speeding down the Pacific Highway in the middle of the night on their way to an illegal orgy, contemplating how they can automate the process.  Think of them.

Think of the professional waitress coming home from a hard day's work serving fat slobs their plates full of grease, getting miniscule tips for it while being expected to entertain them.  Think of their sore feet when they finally trudge in the front door of their apartment only to find a letter on the table from that frat boy douchebag because their teenage kid has been doing what teenage kids do, except instead of a simple night in jail or a speeding ticket, they are to be financially wrecked for the next decade for the sake of a Britney Spears song played out of the computer speakers the wrong way.

Think of the poor Internet Service Provider monkey, pasty faced and fat and sad, sitting at his router, serving out the personal information of said IP address at the request of said douchebag, he's got to sign out to go to the bathroom and rat out his customers against his will.  Why is it they want to rat out so many of their customers, again?

Also consider the poor aged Congressman, terrified of losing an election at all times since he or she has no other skills.  Steven Spielberg or some other famous bigwig is on the phone complaining that he's being downloaded out of house and home, the family is hungry, people are passing out from hunger in the streets of Hollywood, and plus the Chinese seem to be able to control their part of the internet pretty well--why can't we?  Declare downloading entertainments to be stealing and our whole American Cultural Empire is threatened by it--Good God if we can't protect the latest Batman movie, are we a SuperPower or not?  The choice seems clear.

Yes, I like this better.

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