Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Going after VPN's

So some folks think that the music industry will go after VPN's next.  I hope they do.

They should just keep on attacking every component of the internet they don't like until the general population understands what they are really all about.

Bear in mind that anonymous VPN services are also very useful to people in oppressed countries to get around heavy censorship regimes.  Personally, just because some people may "misbehave" when on the internet or using a service on the internet, that is not enough reason to shut it down.

Might as well shut down the world, then.

More interestingly, all this would do is drive more people to use TOR.  TOR is a free service that routes traffic more or less randomly through several computers in order to provide a large amount of anonymity.  There is also freenet.  Both of these services currently have pretty serious bandwidth constraints--because there aren't enough people using them.

So if these fools manage to get all the torrent sites censored, and all the anonymous VPN services taken down, they will not only be destroying the freedom of the human information network for billions of repressed people, but they will greatly improve the performance of the ultimate anonymizing services-- which I'm here to tell you, they can never defeat.

Unless you want to shut down the internet.

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