Sunday, September 30, 2012

But what if torrenting really is bad?

I've always been a casual student of geography.  Geography, of course, is as much about people as places.  So I'm very interested in different cultures.

One thing I've come to accept over the years is that no culture is perfect.  You may learn a lot of good things about a culture, but sooner or later your bubble will be burst when you learn of a regular, normal, loathsome practice that that culture accepts and you or your culture cannot.  It is the way of men.

Humans are always at least a little bit bad.  So try not to be such a sanctimonious bitch when you're busy judging someone or some group of people, because they probably have similar feelings about you.  If you really want to be wise, I think you must accept a certain level of badness in people.

So if you think pirating movies, books, and music on the internet is bad, go fuck yourself.

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